Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Supplemental Security Income (SSI)is a program administered by the Social Security Administration that pays monthly benefits to those with limited income and resources who are blind, disabled or 65 and older.  It is intended to help with basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter.  In most cases, those who qualify for SSI benefits also qualify for Medicaid.

For those with no countable income and resources below the predetermined limits, the federal benefit rate is $733/month for an individual and $1100/month for a couple.  Any countable income you have (minus a $20 disregard amount) is subtracted from this benefit rate.  Nebraska and Iowa both may add a small supplement to the federal benefit rate depending on your living and financial circumstances.  These numbers are correct as of June 2016  and generally change yearly.

For more information on benefit amounts, resource limits and countable income or to apply for SSI, contact the Omaha or Council Bluffs Social Security Office, call the national Social Security Administration office listed above or visit