What is a Home Care Registry and What are the Benefits?

What is a Home Care Registry and What are the Benefits?

As our loved ones age and face memory loss or declining health, selecting someone to care for them can be an overwhelming task. You want to keep them safe, happy, and when possible, independent. Home care has become a highly desirable option, allowing a loved one to remain in their home while gaining support with activities of daily living (ADLs – like dressing, bathing, etc.), diet and nutrition, medication management, and even companionship. But how do you find good yet affordable home care? 

Home Care ‘Agencies’ that retain their own staff of caregivers differ from Home Care ‘Registries’ that offer professional referral services for home care aides. At Care Consultants, we have been in the home care business for nearly three decades. Through our Home Care Registry of in-home care caregivers, we provide a high level of care while charging our clients a lower per hour rate than they find in most Agencies. 

Home Care Registry Benefits

Care Consultants carefully screens and refers caregivers to work directly for families. The care is then directed by the family to ensure you have control over decisions regarding your care for your loved one. This unique service has proven over time to be superior as evidenced by our reputation for providing the best level of care possible.

  • Reputable caregivers at a lower cost – Most people must need to take costs into account when selecting care for a loved one, particularly in these challenging economic times. Therefore, a compelling reason to choose a Registry is that the pricing will be better than through an Agency, which typically has greater overhead costs. This can give you peace of mind knowing you will prolong money for their care.
  • You choose the caregiver – When you work with Care Consultants, you are in control of selecting the caregiver that is right for your loved one. This differs from agencies that typically assign a caregiver to your case. 
  • Personalized care services. With our Registry, you are in control of working with a caregiver to set up customized services and scheduling to meet your specific needs. This provides more flexibility than a one-size-fits-all approach of some agencies. 

Working with a Reputable Home Care Registry

If hiring a caregiver from a reputable Home Care Registry meets your family’s needs, contact Care Consultants. We provide assistance to the elderly and their adult children in Nebraska, allowing them to maintain a safe, affordable, and independent style of living. Our detailed and thorough caregiver screening process is how we find and then refer reliable and professional home care givers to our clients. Because the care is client-directed, this ensures the specific daily needs of your loved one is being met. Furthermore, with no up-front deposits or hourly minimums, Care Consultants offers the most affordable home care option in the region. Visit our website for more information or to download our Eldercare Resource Handbook. Call us at 402-398-1848 to discuss your options. 

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